Wednesday, April 07, 2010

She stole MY hug!

I'm working at a huge school, over 2k students. So, it's really not unusual that 4 weeks into the job, I still haven't met the big cheese, primary principal of the school. I've met the APs, the deans, the security...I figured I"d getting around to meeting Ms GHV at some point.

Yesterday, I was off, and my friend K was subbing for me (Thanks K, not that you read the blog, but if you do, thanks! I appreciate anyone willing to cover for me!).

And of course, YESTERDAY is when Ms. GHV decided to make a quick visit...she goes up to K and gives her a huge hug and says "Thank you so much for filling in and doing such a great job! We're so glad to have you on our team".

My wonderful tech, Ms. D. is watching this and realized "Oh no, she thinks K is Martha". So, Ms. D, being the direct one interjects "Oh that's NOT Martha Chang"....but apparently Ms. GHV had somewhere else to be because she scurried out of the office so quickly we're not sure if she heard Ms. D.

Ms. D. has vowed to get me my hug back. Me? I'm OK....just knowing she is aware that there is a new sheriff in town and is pleased with my performance, she can be confused as to who I really am (and luckily for me, K. does a good job subbing so I think the praise for our department will happen whether I'm there or not).

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