Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back to reality....the school nurse edition

Yesterday was the first day back after Spring Break....was expecting to be busy and suffice to say the expectations were met.

Let's see...we had plenty of worried well: "My friend has the flu, and well, do you think I have it too?" (kid is seriously concerned but healthy as all get out)

We had a few of the stupid stunts result in pain: "Well, you know, when I was in Costa Rica for Spring Break, um, I don't think my sunscreen worked so well" (kid has a serious burn on her face, splotchy/patchy suggesting she might not have been paying attention when she put it on).

There was the "I started taking the pill yesterday and now I feel horrible" (called her mom who I immediately fell in like with...."Tell her to just s*ck it up, she begged to try this because her cramps are so bad...she needs to make up her mind...cramps or some adjustment to this med. Nobody ever told her life would be easy, plus, she's probably just tired because she wouldn't go to bed last night like told her too". Puking Princess gave us an Oscar worthy performance as she told us she was going to throw up...cough cough, nada nada.

Loads of stomach aches, head aches but nothing really all that worrisome....except the young high school junior, who says "Oh my, the baby was kicking me in my ribs all night. I'm just so tired of being pregnant". Ok, medically not so much worrisome....that was more of the mom-in-me worried....she's so young to be a mom.

And then it seems like word has gotten out to the staff that there is someone knew in the office: The Dean came by to ask me about his 2 yr old daughter's teething issues (which was hilarious, because he's this huge-no-nonsense tough as nails kind of man, and was very worried about his sick baby girl). The Special Ed teacher came by to have his hand looked at. (didn't get a great story out of that, but had a real feel good conversation as it is very likely this man will be working with Thing One in a couple years). A math teacher came by to have her bruised leg looked at (Spring Skiing is slick: ski vs. tree, the tree always wins).

Today I'm off....as the younger Thing is off track and my boss offered to find a sub for a couple of the times so I could still do the mom-thing with my son.

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy this job? Oh sure, I'm certain the job will get tiresome and the 0500 wake up alarm has already gotten old...but the conditions of the work and the support I feel from the school administration is rather heart warming. I think I'm gonna like this job!


ganelle said...

Oh how I miss having access to the school nurse! It's good to know I probably wasn't the only faculty who was asking her questions.

(I do have to add that before Trevor, I had a miscarriage while at work, and she was AMAZING! I still remember her helpfulness and her kindness.)

agent713 said...

I love hearing from people who love their job. Glad to know it's going so well!!!