Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Who knew that today was National Weed Day?
I figured it out after the 3rd drug evaluation sent to my office by the dean's office.

Gonna test the limits of the deans' sense of humor....baking them some brownies to take to work tomorrow and say "Congrats, you survived 4.20".

Oh those poor Things...by the time they reach this school, they won't be able to get away with anything! I'll be fully educated and "aware" on the crazy things high school kids try to do!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

While I was away...

Pretty neat place, isn't it? Thanks Mrs. M. for inviting me to join you on your fun girl's weekend.
I'm so happy I went.....and hoping that happiness gets me up and moving tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off way too early!

When I got home this afternoon, I'm whining to the Things about my super-stuffy nose. Thing One, with his future in medicine now firmly ruled OUT, announced "well, it is probabl y because you were up there at that higher evolution!".

Besides sitting by the fire, sipping my wine and watching the snow fall...I did find my crafty mojo....spending the weekend revisiting our trip to SW Colorado. Hope you enjoy these 'recaps'

These are just 6 of the 20 pages I finished this weekend. Go ME!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You never forget your "first"

Today, I made my first call to 911 as a school nurse. I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to make such a call. I mean, after all there is only so much one can do as the school nurse....

I just wish I didn't have to make this type of call...

A student, so depressed, he woke up this morning and decided that handfuls of pills would help eas his pain.

Kudos to the brave girlfriend who marched him into my office before the day had even started.
Kudos to his extended family for their concern and support as they rushed to his side...focusing on the positive "he told someone, we're so relieved he told someone...."
Kudos to the staff at my school that stepped right in and helped out
Kudos to the prompt response from our local emergency service personnel (ok, it helps that they are but 1/2 miles down the street).

I hope I never forget this boy: the sadness and fear in his eyes, the cry for help he was making through his actions.

And know...that this is why I do what I do....to be there for "my 2000 kids"....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Who are you?

and....what have you done with my first born son?

and....well, it's OK if the old version stays missing for a bit longer....

Tomorrow Thing One has a MAJOR social studies unit final. In chatting with another mom, I learned that the teacher was offering some sort of after-school review/tutor session last Friday.

As I started to get all worked up over the reality that Thing One had blown off this opportunity to put in some supervised study time with his teacher, Thing One quickly corrects me:

"Mom, it wasn't after school, it was at lunch on Friday and I went!"

"Really? You went without me even knowing it was going to happen? You took initiative and knew this was important?"....I asked.

"Well, D'OH....I didn't want you to go all MULK" on me" (Mulk: a word coined by the Things to describe their loving Mother when she morphs into the HULK).

Aw......the Mulk is melting away....her super powers of nagging not necessary at this moment in time.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

She stole MY hug!

I'm working at a huge school, over 2k students. So, it's really not unusual that 4 weeks into the job, I still haven't met the big cheese, primary principal of the school. I've met the APs, the deans, the security...I figured I"d getting around to meeting Ms GHV at some point.

Yesterday, I was off, and my friend K was subbing for me (Thanks K, not that you read the blog, but if you do, thanks! I appreciate anyone willing to cover for me!).

And of course, YESTERDAY is when Ms. GHV decided to make a quick visit...she goes up to K and gives her a huge hug and says "Thank you so much for filling in and doing such a great job! We're so glad to have you on our team".

My wonderful tech, Ms. D. is watching this and realized "Oh no, she thinks K is Martha". So, Ms. D, being the direct one interjects "Oh that's NOT Martha Chang"....but apparently Ms. GHV had somewhere else to be because she scurried out of the office so quickly we're not sure if she heard Ms. D.

Ms. D. has vowed to get me my hug back. Me? I'm OK....just knowing she is aware that there is a new sheriff in town and is pleased with my performance, she can be confused as to who I really am (and luckily for me, K. does a good job subbing so I think the praise for our department will happen whether I'm there or not).

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back to reality....the school nurse edition

Yesterday was the first day back after Spring Break....was expecting to be busy and suffice to say the expectations were met.

Let's see...we had plenty of worried well: "My friend has the flu, and well, do you think I have it too?" (kid is seriously concerned but healthy as all get out)

We had a few of the stupid stunts result in pain: "Well, you know, when I was in Costa Rica for Spring Break, um, I don't think my sunscreen worked so well" (kid has a serious burn on her face, splotchy/patchy suggesting she might not have been paying attention when she put it on).

There was the "I started taking the pill yesterday and now I feel horrible" (called her mom who I immediately fell in like with...."Tell her to just s*ck it up, she begged to try this because her cramps are so bad...she needs to make up her mind...cramps or some adjustment to this med. Nobody ever told her life would be easy, plus, she's probably just tired because she wouldn't go to bed last night like told her too". Puking Princess gave us an Oscar worthy performance as she told us she was going to throw up...cough cough, nada nada.

Loads of stomach aches, head aches but nothing really all that worrisome....except the young high school junior, who says "Oh my, the baby was kicking me in my ribs all night. I'm just so tired of being pregnant". Ok, medically not so much worrisome....that was more of the mom-in-me worried....she's so young to be a mom.

And then it seems like word has gotten out to the staff that there is someone knew in the office: The Dean came by to ask me about his 2 yr old daughter's teething issues (which was hilarious, because he's this huge-no-nonsense tough as nails kind of man, and was very worried about his sick baby girl). The Special Ed teacher came by to have his hand looked at. (didn't get a great story out of that, but had a real feel good conversation as it is very likely this man will be working with Thing One in a couple years). A math teacher came by to have her bruised leg looked at (Spring Skiing is slick: ski vs. tree, the tree always wins).

Today I'm off....as the younger Thing is off track and my boss offered to find a sub for a couple of the times so I could still do the mom-thing with my son.

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy this job? Oh sure, I'm certain the job will get tiresome and the 0500 wake up alarm has already gotten old...but the conditions of the work and the support I feel from the school administration is rather heart warming. I think I'm gonna like this job!