Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to cure new car fever

This entry is written by me, but imagine it is from Hubby's perspective.
Step One: Listen to wife as she whines about her old van...where the check engine light goes on with increasing regularity.
Step Two: Offer to have old car serviced, smile and nod when she says "but it isn't worth that much, can't we just get a new car?"
Step Three: Wipe the drool off her chin as she shows you this is the car she dreams of owning.
Step Four: Share in her joy when she comes home and reports she's been offered her own clinic after just one week as a substitute nurse.
Step Five: Save your victory dance for when she comes home and admits "Maybe I don't want that car. Why leave a shiny new car in a high school parking lot? The last nurse had her windows busted by some disgruntled student after the nurse turned him in for using drugs".


Laura said...

How dare you dream such foreign dreams :) Yes, tis best you keep your old Pontiac clunker lest a disgruntled BIL arranges to have your windows busted.

Charlie6 said...

just make up my mind dear....