Friday, March 12, 2010

Fear Factor

Not sure which is more scary
  1. Arriving at a clinic in a high school, being greeted by a cheerful and efficient assistant who informs you "we are so leaving right as the bell rings today." Ok, works for me, it is Friday after all (and I"m on my 7th straight day of working: that's a lot for this recent SAHM).
    She then drops the tidbit that "yeah, security called and apparently the Bloods and Crips aren't getting along as well as they had been and with it being Friday we just want to get out before they call us to bandage up the wounded".
2. Taking her recommendation to head straight out, I find that I had accidentally parked in
student lot. Stuck in the parking lot with HS kids (with no more than a couple years
driving experience under their belt)
, on a Friday....all trying to get out of dodge before the sh*t hits the fan. Or even more worrisome....on a Friday after new "product" had
recently been delivered (one kid needed a neuro check after his teacher sent him to the dean for suspected "use")

Yep, sometimes there really is no right answer!
*disclaimer, I was not at the neighborhood school today. 'nuf said!

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Laura said...

And now you know why they are so interested in your military background....they need someone to help set up MASH units.

Oh my...praying always for your safety, it's a wicked world out there.