Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wise Guy strikes again...

Yesterday, the younger Thing lost a tooth.
He proudly shared this news with me before saying goodnight.
Even showed his weary momma where he'd left the tooth for the tooth fairy

(I had worked a shift at the hospital, where yes, the latest victims of a school shooting were sent: suffice to say, my mind was elsewhere last night...praying for the full recovery of the students injured and praising God for the heroic actions taken by the teacher who tackled the gunman).

Of course between work fatigue and other worries, the tooth fairy failed to make a visit last night.

This afternoon, Mr. Smarty Pants tells me "Mom, I'm just going to leave the tooth fairy pillow in YOUR you think she'll remember to find the tooth if it's there?"


Mrs. Kravitz said...

This is very funny to me because at our house the tooth fairy is almost always running 2-3 nights late. My kids just know that the tooth fairy must often be busy these days and that she will come soon. I feel like I keep up with a lot of things pretty well, but tooth fairy-ing is not one of them. :)

tosin said...

I love it!! He is willing to play the game to get the cash. Smart kid! :)


ganelle said...

Our tooth fairy is often late. Last time I blamed it on the snow - seems reasonable to me!

Oh,and I'm so sorry you were working during such a hard thing. I can only imagine how that must haunt you. Much love!