Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just shoot me...

Oh, how I wish someone would have asked that of me today or yesterday.

As it would have been my pleasure and my honor to have "given them my best shot".

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'll quit being silly...I've spent the past two days working at a local Walmart giving flu shots. Lost a few nights sleep as I fretted about how busy we'd be. Would I figure out the paperwork. Would I remember how to give a shot after 10+ years since flicking the old needle into the deltoid?

All for see most folks don't seem that worried about the piggy flu anymore. Either that or they've already had their shot or find the $15 fee too much. In 2 days of work, my associate and I have given a total of 13 vaccines...yeah, between the two of us.

The upside was having a chance to people watch...and is there any better place in the world to people watch than Walmart? I think not...I saw spandex in all sizes/shapes/colors. I saw hineys and hoodies (because apparently, they go hand in hand...hoodie + low hangin jeans). Jammies are apparently considered appropriate day wear when shopping. Dentures? Eh...why bother.
Just grin and share that toothless grin! One fella shared with me WHY he didn't need the shot I was offering: "Cuz they gave it to me when I was in jail last month!". great....just great...

I did get to see that the associates and managers that work at Walmart are very kind people. They want to chat with you, and well...they can dish with the best of us about their "customers" (but first they look over their shoulders to make sure nobody else is listening).

And I also got to see that yes...I still know how to give a shot, fill out paperwork and chat up the old folks...and that all made me feel good about myself and the skills I have as a nurse.

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Laura said...

I knew you still had the groove, and I'm happy for you that you know it now too!