Sunday, December 06, 2009

Season of Joy: 6

Is there anything better than a snowy Sunday?
Oh yeah...a snowy Sunday in December.

It really is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas!
Seeing silly smiles like this? You can't help but feel the joy!!!!
(well, once you thaw out from the cold...)


Lee said...

What a fabulous photo! We're expecting our first snow today ... I'm happy today, I doubt I'll be as happy in March!

shirley said...

Such a funny photo! We only have a sprinkling of the white stuff here and it melted on the grass.

Jen said...

With as cold as it's been, I'm wondering if he really got stuck?! This is a great picture! Thanks for a smile today.

Colleen O said...

That is a GREAT picture!