Thursday, December 03, 2009

Season of Joy: 3

It's bitter cold here today and I would have preferred to have stayed home.
But, a few errands needed to be done. Off I went...bundled up as if it were...December (D' is....I forget after the recent mild weather we've enjoyed).

First stop: Rumbi Island Grill to get gift cards for the teacher gifts. The young fella, while ringing up my purchase for gift cards, gave me coupons for $5 off my next entree! Yes, folks, that is coupons. in the plural form. $25 worth of free food at Rumbi. Who wants to join me there for lunch? I might even share one of my coupons.

Next stop was the dreaded Wally World....I was waiting patiently behind a woman with a very large order. That wasn't so was watching the very new clerk ring up the order in record slow pace. Oh well, I thought to myself, it is a good time to check up on the trashy tabloids while I wait (did you hear about Tiger? Yeah...who would have guessed it...a celebrity athlete cheats on his spouse? Whodathunkit? Puhlease...just leave these people alone to figure out their messes without the world watching)

When out of nowhere appears a cashier and she says "I can help you over on lane 12!".

She laughed as I said "you made my day!"...which isn't really true....the dude at Rumbi that gave me all those coupons made my day...she? Was just the cherry on top!

Joy can be found in that simple act of friendly service!

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