Sunday, December 20, 2009

Season of Joy: 20

While cleaning out the mess in Thing One's back pack (he's 12, 'nuf said)...I found this letter to Santa

Santa,You make kids everywhere happy at Christmas. Please make me happy by getting Mom and Dad some money. Dad lost his job and Mom failed her big final exam. That's all I want...for them to be happy.
Love, Patrick

Oh about heart breaking.

Yes, Hubby was laid off on Monday (12.14). It's OK, a contractor, we'd known this day was coming for a year or more. We've saved, planned, and financially, are as prepared as you can possibly be.

And really, getting laid off from this job will indeed be a blessing in the end: He really didn't care for the work (boring) nor did he find the environment very inspiring (Week 1: Team meeting was to discuss dress code, and the manager inspected all their shoes. HELLO; these are engineers with zero customer contact, you hire the guys for their attention to detail, not their footwear. Each week was some new story with a similar theme...not a happy place to send your spouse each day).

And me and my school concerns, will work themselves out....I know that...

But this note? It breaks my heart AND fills me with joy.

He's my quirky kid: the one who we were told when he was three that he has autism and will always have problems connecting with others.

Really? Because these days, he is so empathetic and concerned about set aside his own wishes for Christmas and instead wish for something bigger for someone else?

That is HUGE...

And to read a letter written to Santa...the man who fills wishes...he's twelve...I thought he "knew".

Yet, here is proof that he still believes...and that is indeed so very magical

May you all find magic and joy in the eyes of your family. I know I already have...


Kaesmom said...

Oh Martha. I'm so sorry about dh's job and your test but Thing 1's letter - wow. How incredibly unselfish of him during a time when most kids only think of themselves. He is, indeed, growing up, isn't he?

Karen said...

:) What a wonderful time of year! The magic, the letters and the lights.

Good luck to Dom and the job hunt and you go girl on the school stuff!

Mrs. Kravitz said...

Wow, chills and tears reading your post! What a gift to find that note and be able to catch a glimpse of his sweet concerns. Those things rarely get expressed vocally at that age!

Hang in there and good luck with all the "stuff". I know it will all work out for you!