Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just for today...

Thinking I might try a weekly challenge for a bit after 2 months of daily challenges.
Today, I'm trying something from The Simple Woman's Day Book
FOR TODAY ...Wednesday, December 30...
Outside my window... I see the trash cans all lined up
I am thinking...the first trash pick up day after Christmas has got to be the garbage man's least favorite day.
I am thankful for...the warmth of my home
I am new super soft jammies (100x softer than any snuggie)
I am creating...a home that is a soft place to land for all my fellas
I am attempt to pack for our trip to AZ
I am reading...facebook (fear not, I have a real book to take with me on vacation, The Friday Night Knitting Club)
I am accomplish a lot today
I am hearing...the cheerful morning chatter of my youngest son who is eager to spend some of his Christmas cash at the Lego Store today (thanks Mary Beth for including my kids on this shopping adventure)
Around the the proof that everyone has been home lately (a tad too rumpled for my tastes)
One of my favorite things...the quiet of the early morning, when everyone is still asleep and I am sipping from that first cup of coffee
A few plans for the rest of the week: Sun City, Baby! Don't ya wish you were us? Bringing in the New Year in the retirement center!

And without a photo or two...a blog is pretty boring...

Sumo Santa?
nah, just Thing Two...

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