Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 25

For years, I've wondered, what is it about pumpkin pie that I just don't like? I mean, I love the smell of a pumpkin-scented candle. I enjoy a tasty slice of pumpkin bread (thanks MBK, your bread was delicious). But, I just can't embrace the idea of pumpkin pie.
Why is that?

Well, today, thanks to my good friend Fran, I have the answer....

Thanks for the laugh Fran!
We met some 10 years ago at a scrapbooking evening (called a crop for those who don't participate in this obsession). Jokingly, I lamented that I didn't have a friend (as my friend that was supposed to join me had to cancel). Fran jumped right in and replied "I'll be your friend!"

And she was right: she has indeed been my friend through thick and through thin.
And while we don't get to spend nearly enough time together, I know that she'll always be there....with a funny email or an offer to meet at Archiver's for the afternoon. Ready for anything that life tosses her way: that's Fran!
This year, life tossed Fran a couple sharp curve balls. Yet, true to Fran's nature, she faced these losses head on and her strength and determination reminds me that life is indeed what we make it! Thank you Fran, for the laugh and the friendship!
Now, when can you get a kitchen pass so we can go to Archiver's?

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