Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving 23

Oh come on, admit it...somewhere tucked away in all your stuff is a
Glamour Shot picture from the early '90s.
You know you've got one...why not share it?

This morning....I'm thankful that I can look back at my younger self and laugh...
And perhaps I have given you a reason to laugh as well this morning..

Yep, I'm thankful for my ability to make others laugh...even when it occurs at my expense...


shirley said...

OMG Martha!! Thank you so much for the little chuckle today (really! it's just a little smile).
I can't really reciprocate, no Glamour shots in my stuff. I'll have to find something, though!

Stacie said...


My monitor is melting- you're so hot!

Alas, no glamour shots for me.

Dodi said...

I didn't do glamour shots either... but LOVE that you did! (I had a couple of friends do the nude version of Glamour Shots. Hilarious. Tastefully done, but hilarious.)