Friday, October 23, 2009

Car Talk

I've been doing double duty in the carpool division this week. The upside is having a chance to "talk" with my oldest one after we've made our last delivery. Just him and I, alone with our thoughts.

With Thing One, you just never know what he's going to say when participating in a social "chat".

Case #1:
Me (grumbling, frustrated by the lack of speed the driver in front of me is displaying): I wonder why that car is going so darn s.l.o.w.

Thing 1: Mom, he's probably driving a heavy kid. Heavy kids will slow you down.

Case #2:
Me (commenting about an incident that occured earlier in the day, involving Thing Two): Your brother is just like Me when it comes to things like that...

Thing 1 (perplexed, and really not being a smart @ss): How can that be, I mean, Mom, he doesn't even have breasts.

Now I get why my carpool pal tells me that some days, the highlight of HER day is "chatting" with Mr. P.


ganelle said...

You get much better quotes out of your guys than I do! As my boys grow, I have fewer and fewer lines for the Christmas card!

Lee said...

LOVE your car talks. By the time I get home I've forgotten everything but the great laughs provided by my kids :)

Mrs. Kravitz said...

SO funny! Thanks for my laugh today. He really cracks me up.