Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Remarks from the Younger Thing

  • Last night he announced promptly at 8 p.m. "I need to hit the bed, gotta get some good rest in." Of course, I had to ask why are you so willing and ready to go to bed tonight? "Well, you know tomorrow we have THAT sub, the mean one that retired last year and if I"m gonna survive, I need to be well rested".
  • This afternoon, I catch him hitchin' up his pants...and he says "Yeah, I know, my pants don't fit anymore. I guess I haven't put on my winter weight yet!" (truth is this summer he stretched up and thus slimmed down through the middle. What I wouldn't give for that to still be possible once you are 40 something).
  • And finally, we were discussing how long his buddy would take to finish reading the book we loaned him (The Last Olympian: the buddy is itching to read it but the wait at the library is taking too long). I said 5 days (the kid loves to read). Thing Two said "Nope, more like 2 days, and let's up the ante, Mom...loser gives the winner a foot massage. Better start practicing 'cause you know I"m gonna win!" (sure, he's competitive when it comes to guessing how long his classmate will take to read a book...but can we spark even the slightest amount of competition in anything related to his own academic successes? Not a chance!)
Same kid tracked off today. Yep starting now, I will have him home for 3 weeks while his older brother has to get up and go to school. Wish us luck.................we're gonna need it!


Lee said...

He's a hoot! I agree, slimming down in the summer is such a wonderful idea :)

ganelle said...

I'd love another growth spurt to slim me down! Only problem is that then I'd probably end up 6'5 or something awful!

tz said...

oh my gosh, you have to frame that pic and hang in somewhere in your house, it's great...
thing 1 cracks me up!