Monday, September 28, 2009

The last one to fall...

Thing One was cranky on Saturday.
While I ran to the grocery store, he fell asleep.
When he awoke?
Fever of 103.6!

Yep, he's got what we've all had....
or at least I"m hoping he's got what we've had and not he's got something we'll be getting.

For the most part, he's doing ok...he's our fever boy...functions pretty well with a fever that would send most people to the E.R. Just one of his quirks I suppose.

But for now, he's got a few days off from school...which of course has him happy as can be since younger brother is "off track".

And well, truth be told, it seems like younger brother is happy to have the company as well..

So while he might be down, nobody seems to be complaining too much...

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