Thursday, August 27, 2009

If that's all it took

For YEARS we've struggled with Thing One and lunch time. An assortment of issues have plagued him: cafeteria is too loud, meds alter his appetitve, sensory issues. You name it. We've also tried a variety of solutions from begging, pleading, threatening, promising, bribery.

Finally, we agreed that if he'd at least eat the luncheon meat, drink something and nibble on some fruit, we'd call it good.

So that's what has been going in his lunch for the past few years.

Yesterday, he came home and announced "I need a sandwich tomorrow".
Really? Are you sure? Will you eat it? Why, what's going on? I asked.

Seems yesterday during lunch, Mrs. P (his homeroom teacher) came by and told him "you need to eat more in your lunch. How 'bout a sandwich?"

So, while I am tempted to be defensive about what was in his lunch and rant that she needs to stick with teaching and not checking lunch boxes....I'm going to hold off on that rant...

Because guess what? He's FINALLY going to eat a sandwich...all because his teacher told him to!
I think I"m going to like this mystery woman, Mrs. P. just fine...

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