Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dreams: 12 yr old style

Recall a few weeks back, I was having some vivid dreams...I think related to the uncertainty and excitement that awaits me as I head back to school (starting on Tuesday).

 Thing One starts middle school on Monday and apparently he too is processing his feelings about all of this while he sleeps.

He reported to me earlier in the week, that he'd been having the same dream over and over...

Apparently in HIS dream he gets shoved in the locker (and while he's small, we're lucky that the lockers at the middle school are even smaller so that's not too likely to really occur), and in there with him is  MICHAEL JACKSON (and that of course is where mom would start to panic, if you know what I mean)...he finishes up with  "Mom, he turns into a werewolf.  Why couldn't he turn into a monkey or a moose?  Way better don't you think?!"

OK...there ya have seems like my school anxiety is running a bit higher than his.  He's even said to me "What's the big deal, Mom?  It's only 6th grade" which I go running off in search of some Kleenex...yes, it is only 6th grade but by was just yesterday that I sent you to preschool!   

As always, he's ready...Mommy?  I'll get there...eventually!  

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ganelle said...

Whenver I start having lots of vivid, easy to remember dreams, it always means I'm stressed.

I actually quit a job in high school after dreaming that my boss was holding me hostage.