Monday, July 27, 2009

Wordy Wednesday..

Uh oh...I've neglected the blog. Quick, I better update it before the neighborhood posse realizes how much slacking I've been guilty of and start with the nagging.

So, here it goes...what's been going on since we came back from Vacation...
Let's see...first we had Grandpa show up for Thing Two's first installment of "Grandpa's Fishing School". You see, when Hubby and I made the decision to pull the plug on scouts this past Spring, one thing that had the younger Thing most upset was "well, how will I learn to fish if I quit
scouts?". I told him "I betcha your grandpa would teach you". Enthusiastically, he replied
with "Really, he knows how to fish? COOL!".

As I retold this story to my dad, Grandpa perked right up and immediately made plans for teaching this very eager grandson all about the art of fishing. Plan A was to involve us going there for a 4 day session. But, the continued economic uncertainty led us to go for the staycation this summer instead of a trip back to WI. Plan B was put into place when Grandpa generously
offered to come here for Fishing Lessons.
(thanks Dad, he apparently occasionally lurks on the blog)

Next up was Party in the Park. This is our neighborhood's BIG event of the year...we had over 900 people RSVP.
And I found myself in the thick of most of the planning. Busy? Yeah...just a tad. And since we've had the wettest summer on record, it was no real surprise (but still a disappointment) when our party got rained on.
We still managed to have a good time (helps that we live in a neighborhood with a lot of good hearted people) and I think I'll stick with the social it really is a fun group of women to hang with (hint hint to my other PV pals on the fence about whether they'd like to serve with us!).

Toss in a birthday (mine) and another round of company (motorcycle buddy went riding with hubby) and an interview (mine, to enroll in community college, you have to be interviewed and chosen...another sign of the times I suspect)...well...we've indeed had a busy week.

Oh yeah, and this concept we call "year round school" meant that the younger Thing had to head back to school yesterday. Meanwhile, the older Thing hangs out with his momma as he's moving on to the middle school. Confused? Yeah, me too...two kids, same district, totally different school schedules. Gotta love it...but haven't found what part to love quite yet.
So on that cranky I go....


Lee said...

What a lovely dad you have! Send him this way next, we need fishing lessons :)

Lee said...

Oops, and I totally forgot, happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one and had a big celebration!

Mrs. Kravitz said...

Yes, Martha, Happy Birthday! I hope it was a happy one.

I can't believe he actually caught fish on his first time fishing! Your dad must be a really good teacher! Poor Ethan has been a couple of times with no luck. Maybe next time your dad is in town, he can spread his luck our way or at least give us his secrets!

ganelle said...

I miss the party in the park! It looks like it was a great time as always!

shirley said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Our school district has the same schedule "issues" like yours - two elementary schools are on the year round schedule, but the remaining schools (including Jr and Sr High) are not. Wait until Oct when your youngest is at home.....