Friday, July 10, 2009

On the road: Day 1

This morning I loaded up the Things and we headed south. Our destination: Pagosa Springs for a week of hanging set schedule other than to spend a week away.

We've not taken a road trip in quite awhile (opting to fly instead) so it was interesting to listen to what the boys had to say when they would occasionally come up for air from their assorted electronic babysitters.
  • "Hey, Mom, that one looks like a pair of butt cheeks, see?" (when Thing One noticed a rock formation in the distance. And well, yes, it did look like a pair of nicely shaped buttocks that even a president might take notice of)
(the rocks below are not "Butt Mountain" but rather "Lumpy Butt as christened by Thing Two)
  • "Um, I think I prefer the smell of the city" (when again Thing One became aware of his surroundings as we passed through the heavily agricultural area of the San Luis Valley)
  • "Dude, quit Bustin' a Grumpy" (this remark made by Thing Two...and yes, his brother was filling our van with odors not much different than the smell of cattle we'd experienced earlier in the trip)
  • "WOW" (when Thing Two looked up from his electronics and realized we were crossing over Wolf Creek Pass. He said it again when we stopped at the scenic turn off)
So, here we are at the Wyndham Pagosa...our home for a week.
And as you can see, even the view from the parking lot is worth soaking in...


Sitting In Silence said...

Awwwwwwwww have a wonderful time away !

tz said...

that view coming down wolf creek pass is alone worth that road trip!