Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Our week of goofing off and relaxing has come to an end.
We're home now...and accepting guests assuming they come willing and able to help fold laundry, clean house and mow the lawn?

No takers? Gee...well, ok, give us a day or two to dig out and we'll be back and running with our regularly scheduled lives.

The trip home was interesting. On and off for the first 3 hrs, the car smelled "hot". Like an overheating engine or riding the brakes. I wasn't guilty of riding the brakes and it wasn't anyone else's vehicle because I pretty much had Hwy 285 to myself.

As we head into Fairplay, my service engine soon light popped up. R'uh Rho...what to do, what to do? (mind you, Hubby had already left for Denver the day before so I was traveling alone in areas with spotty cell phone coverage).

So, I quickly pulled into Fairplay's auto repair shop and played the role of the pathetic woman traveling alone with the kids (Thing One was still in his jammies at that point, adding to the sympathy vote). I explained the concerns about the odor and the new light just popping on.

The nice man came out and looked over the Mystery Van. He used his little diagnostic gizmo. The first time he used his "baby" sized gizmo and when that didn't work, he went got his bigger diagnostic gizmo.

Silent pause while we waited to learn that the engine light was a misfire on the system and that in his assessment, I could safely make it to Denver.

Meanwhile, while we were waiting for the car to be checked out, Thing Two asked to use the restroom. He was gone for a few minutes and finally came out, proudly announcing he felt "much better" and described the magnitude of his work.

Now here is where it gets interesting. After that "pit stop", I no longer smelled that stinky engine odor.

Please Dear God, don't tell me that my son was bustin grumpies and I thought it was a burning engine? That one, I'd never live down....

Road trips...never a story-less adventure that is for sure!


Karen said...

Oh my that was such a good post I had to read it to Boyd and now I'm rolling with laughter.

We both think the Mystery Van couldn't handle the smell and that's why the service engine light came on. hehehehe.

Laura said...

That is just way too funny. But then he is related to Grandma Irene who always said she produced enough gas to fuel a vehicle..hmmm.

Glad you all had a wonderful week and made it home safely.

Lee said...

Oh my goodness, that was fabulous. I love that you post the craziness in your life - makes me feel less alone! So glad you had a wonderful and memorable trip!