Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wise man..

Thing One has been unusually cooperative this past week.
Today, he let it slip what was his inspiration for such a cooperative and cheerful attitude:

"I'm not stupid Mom, summer break is about to start and you could pull video games just like that...and that'd be a bad way to start vacation"

Ah...I have the power and he knows it...wondering how long I can milk all this good stuff for?  


Lee said...

Very wise, indeed :)

Dodi said...

For as long as he desires to keep his video games is my guess.

You know, I believe parents and children should have loving relationships - and at the same time a child should be a little bit afraid of his parents.

Colleen O said...

Wise mom! Are you sure it's not more "wise guy" than "wise man"?