Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little does he know...

Thing Two likes to eavesdrop  (where he gets that, I have NO idea...yeah right...snickers the biggest gossip in the 'hood).  

Yesterday he realized another mom and I were into an involved conversation and he was trying to listen.  

Striking out, he later came right out and asked "What were you and Miss J. talking about?  (he's blunt, idea where he gets that from).

Knowing the matter was really none of his business, I quickly pulled out a fake answer (I don't always think fast when cornered) "Um, we were talking about shaving our legs".

"Yeah RIGHT, Mom.  There is no such thing as that.  Sure, men shave beards when they get older, and I hear that arm pits grow hair.  But legs?  Really.  I don't think so....try again!"

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Colleen O said...

Oh, gross mom! Talking about girl stuff they don't even know about - it's just gonna get worse from here.