Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thinking of you Thursday

This photo taken at the start of the day:  a first for our school district.  They called a snow day based on the forecast for worsening conditions throughout the day.  That's the way those Southerners do it, eh?  
I'm thinking of the weather folks.  They got it right (mostly).  We did get snow, cold and wind and thus  technically it met the defintion of a blizzard.    

But, since I managed to take the Things over to the big sledding hill** (which involved driving), it didn't meet the "Martha" definition of a blizzard.  You see, I stay home and don't drive when the weather is bad.  It wasn't "that bad".
*those photos?  Still on the camera.  Too lazy to take upload them.  Blame Dodi (yeah, I'm up to Episode 5.  It's a great season of Big Love!)

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