Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Our Happy Irish Baby, Circa 1998
This morning, Thing One was most distressed.  You see, TODAY is his day.  Yeah Yeah, we're not Irish, but when your real name is part of a major celebration that occurs today, you sort of have to play along.  And that means:  you gotta wear something green.

But, Thing One had nothing green to wear!
Granted, we could have gone with the green underwear excuse but knowing him, he might just decide to prove it to  everyone he met today.  We needed a better option.  
Thing Two offered up one of his countless o.d. green shirts.  Thanks kid!

And so this evening, we'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in typical fashion...having a traditional Irish meal.  Assuming by traditional you mean burgers and fries.  But, I do think we've got a Smithwick's or two to be enjoyed with said burgers so we shall raise our glasses and wish all of you  a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Dodi said...

precious wee lad!

Sitting In Silence said...

Happy Staint Paddy's day to you as well..
May the luck of the Irish be with you now and always...

tz said...

I totally spaced it...no one wore green, thankfully Jake has green eyes

Lee said...

What a great picture! The only one with a closet full of green in this house is Caden - it's his favourite colour. I totally forgot about it since it wasn't a school day. Ah well! Next year :) I made up for it with Bailey's ice cream.