Saturday, March 28, 2009

It does get better...

I remember when my boys were little, another mom remarked in a rather negative manner that well "It doesn't ever get better, it just gets different".  

OK, I can buy that to a certain degree.  Each stage a kid goes through has a unique set of challenges and rewards.  But for a lot of things, it does get better.  I mean really:  sleeping through the night and potty training?  HELLO.  

Last night was a great example of things getting better for us.  We decided to visit a favorite German Restaurant (locals:  Helga's).  We've not gone there in years...mostly because the location isn't convenient but also Thing One isn't a big fan of trying new things.  We sort of forgot about it.

But last night, I was itching to go out and suggested this place.  Sure enough, on the way, Thing One said "Why not we just go to Chili's or KFC?"  Hubby was uber patient and said "just give it a try son".

And sure worked.  Not only did he manage to find something he liked (chicken schnitzel without the sauce?  Tastes...wait for it...just like chicken!  Imagine that!), but when the music started, instead of diving under the table as he's done in the past, he started clapping along and showing signs of having a good time.

So, does get better!  And for that...I'm ever so grateful and blessed


Lee said...

Yup, it does get different: BETTER!! Isn't it great. So glad you had such a nice change

laura said...

What a wonderful story of hope and the rewards of endurance! A big Yahoo to the Chang family for reaching this stage in the journey.