Friday, March 13, 2009

12 on the 13th

Um, yeah...I sort of blew it yesterday.  Oh well, last month I did 10 on the 12th, this month, why not 12 on the 13th?

This is how Thing One gets his day started.  A little time on the laptop.  Amazing how he can go from this to ready for school in about 3 minutes (nagging/hollering mom required but we've yet to have a tardy slip)
Thing Two was ready to go...he was most excited because he had earned/won a 'free drink' pass that  he planned to use at school today.  With such a pass, he gets to bring in the drink of his choice (a can of root beer) and keep it at his desk to sip on all day long.  

Home from the school run, a quick check of the email
I can take it no more...the basement is a mess.  And how stupid do you think I am?  No, I didn't take a picture of the mess.  But, I did take a picture of my favorite candle that I like to light to help motivate me when I decide to pick up the basement.  
Time for errands.  First stop our library.  Yes, it is as nice inside as it looks outside.
Next stop, the post office.  The accountant finished our taxes.  I mailed him his payment.  Ah...CPAs, saving marriages one 1040 at a time!  
Next up a quick stop at the bank to deposit some checks...Regis faculty get paid on the 15th.  
Our Friday tradition:  Special Lunch.  It started as a motivator years ago, and has become a family tradition.  If my schedule permits, I bring fast food to Thing One on Friday if he has had a good week.  I'd learn later on in the day, not only had he had a good week, he has had an AWESOME semester.  Report cards came home:  he got his first A EVER!!!!  GO THING ONE!  
Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is to the big box she goes
I swear all that was really on my list was sudafed and cough drops (get well soon, Hubby!)
Hey, don't blame me for the recession.  I"m doing my part to stimulate the economy!  
Hey, look who's home before the kids?  Well...since he worked something like 16 hrs yesterday (which doesn't even include the time he spent commuting to San Francisco for the day) he took off work a bit early for some time with Brigitta.

And well, would you look at the time?  It is now time to go get the kids.  So much for a quiet day of staying home, eating bon bons and reading trashy novels.  Maybe in my next life....

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Lee said...

No matter what day it is, how fun to get a glimpse into your day :)