Monday, March 30, 2009

Santa's Watching...

Time for a confession on my part:  I like to "fuss" (ok, cuss) at other cars when I'm driving.  My kids have heard many colorful words all while riding with me in the Mystery Van.

Yesterday was no different than other adventures but apparently I said something that had left Thing Two concerned.

"Mom, you know, I hesitate to bring this sort of stuff up"
"Yes, son, what's on your mind?"
"Well, you know how you yell at the other drivers?"
"Uh huh..."
"Well, I just wanted to remind you that well...Santa's watching!"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It does get better...

I remember when my boys were little, another mom remarked in a rather negative manner that well "It doesn't ever get better, it just gets different".  

OK, I can buy that to a certain degree.  Each stage a kid goes through has a unique set of challenges and rewards.  But for a lot of things, it does get better.  I mean really:  sleeping through the night and potty training?  HELLO.  

Last night was a great example of things getting better for us.  We decided to visit a favorite German Restaurant (locals:  Helga's).  We've not gone there in years...mostly because the location isn't convenient but also Thing One isn't a big fan of trying new things.  We sort of forgot about it.

But last night, I was itching to go out and suggested this place.  Sure enough, on the way, Thing One said "Why not we just go to Chili's or KFC?"  Hubby was uber patient and said "just give it a try son".

And sure worked.  Not only did he manage to find something he liked (chicken schnitzel without the sauce?  Tastes...wait for it...just like chicken!  Imagine that!), but when the music started, instead of diving under the table as he's done in the past, he started clapping along and showing signs of having a good time.

So, does get better!  And for that...I'm ever so grateful and blessed

Friday, March 27, 2009

And she wonders why...

the kids all enjoy spending time at Camp Chang?

Lets see...before lunch I've let the one visiting kid have some jelly beans (with the only caveat of "when they are gone, they're gone") and has served all 4 boys popcorn and soda because "well, you just can't play movie theatre without snacks!".  

After lunch (breakfast for lunch, naturally), we're off to the sledding hill.'s no wonder these visiting friends enjoy coming here vs. school-based day care.  At this rate, the kids will  never move out...and their friends?  Will likely run away to my house...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thinking of you Thursday

This photo taken at the start of the day:  a first for our school district.  They called a snow day based on the forecast for worsening conditions throughout the day.  That's the way those Southerners do it, eh?  
I'm thinking of the weather folks.  They got it right (mostly).  We did get snow, cold and wind and thus  technically it met the defintion of a blizzard.    

But, since I managed to take the Things over to the big sledding hill** (which involved driving), it didn't meet the "Martha" definition of a blizzard.  You see, I stay home and don't drive when the weather is bad.  It wasn't "that bad".
*those photos?  Still on the camera.  Too lazy to take upload them.  Blame Dodi (yeah, I'm up to Episode 5.  It's a great season of Big Love!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday shout out

Me in my stylin' jumpsuit just couldn't pass up this opportunity to tell my big sis HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope your day is wonderful....and well, right about now, I'm hoping you don't start a blog or join facebook, because I suspect, payback would be a comin' my way....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Q & A

Thing Two asks me this morning "Why did you marry Dad?"  (this immediately following our silly routine of goodbye punches with I believe the dad winning this particular round...don't ask)

My response was "Well, I knew I'd have BEAUTIFUL babies if I married him"

Thing Two:  "That didn't work did it?"

I sense that there is just a tad bit of Grandpa Norman running through that boy (his paternal great grandfather, known for his sense of humor).  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Our Happy Irish Baby, Circa 1998
This morning, Thing One was most distressed.  You see, TODAY is his day.  Yeah Yeah, we're not Irish, but when your real name is part of a major celebration that occurs today, you sort of have to play along.  And that means:  you gotta wear something green.

But, Thing One had nothing green to wear!
Granted, we could have gone with the green underwear excuse but knowing him, he might just decide to prove it to  everyone he met today.  We needed a better option.  
Thing Two offered up one of his countless o.d. green shirts.  Thanks kid!

And so this evening, we'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in typical fashion...having a traditional Irish meal.  Assuming by traditional you mean burgers and fries.  But, I do think we've got a Smithwick's or two to be enjoyed with said burgers so we shall raise our glasses and wish all of you  a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Law Abiding Scout

So today, the little scout in the family had his first chance to sell stuff for scouts.  It's time for the Spring Scout fundraiser and they are selling discount coupon cards.  He did pretty well at his booth, given how shy he is about approaching strangers.  

On the way home, he asked if he could go door to door.  So I figured, what the heck, we'd "return the favor" to those who sell us cookies each year.  First stop:  Ms. Colleen-O:  the car was home but nobody answered.  Next stop, Dodi's house.  There was a car was in the driveway, but well...we don't know if they were even home....

You see, he got to the door of Home M. and noticed their sign.  No soliciting.
So, he marched back over to me shaking his head. 
 I thought that was odd...because I mean really, Dodi's family is as nice in real life as she appears to be online.  
But he firmly told me "Mom, I didn't even ring their bell"

I tried to tell him "Oh sweetie, go ahead, and try, it's ok....they know you"
"NO MOM, the sign said NO SOLICITING and well...that means ME"

And well, how do you argue with logic like that?  
So, if you want a scout show card, call us...because apparently, we won't be calling on you...  :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

12 on the 13th

Um, yeah...I sort of blew it yesterday.  Oh well, last month I did 10 on the 12th, this month, why not 12 on the 13th?

This is how Thing One gets his day started.  A little time on the laptop.  Amazing how he can go from this to ready for school in about 3 minutes (nagging/hollering mom required but we've yet to have a tardy slip)
Thing Two was ready to go...he was most excited because he had earned/won a 'free drink' pass that  he planned to use at school today.  With such a pass, he gets to bring in the drink of his choice (a can of root beer) and keep it at his desk to sip on all day long.  

Home from the school run, a quick check of the email
I can take it no more...the basement is a mess.  And how stupid do you think I am?  No, I didn't take a picture of the mess.  But, I did take a picture of my favorite candle that I like to light to help motivate me when I decide to pick up the basement.  
Time for errands.  First stop our library.  Yes, it is as nice inside as it looks outside.
Next stop, the post office.  The accountant finished our taxes.  I mailed him his payment.  Ah...CPAs, saving marriages one 1040 at a time!  
Next up a quick stop at the bank to deposit some checks...Regis faculty get paid on the 15th.  
Our Friday tradition:  Special Lunch.  It started as a motivator years ago, and has become a family tradition.  If my schedule permits, I bring fast food to Thing One on Friday if he has had a good week.  I'd learn later on in the day, not only had he had a good week, he has had an AWESOME semester.  Report cards came home:  he got his first A EVER!!!!  GO THING ONE!  
Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is to the big box she goes
I swear all that was really on my list was sudafed and cough drops (get well soon, Hubby!)
Hey, don't blame me for the recession.  I"m doing my part to stimulate the economy!  
Hey, look who's home before the kids?  Well...since he worked something like 16 hrs yesterday (which doesn't even include the time he spent commuting to San Francisco for the day) he took off work a bit early for some time with Brigitta.

And well, would you look at the time?  It is now time to go get the kids.  So much for a quiet day of staying home, eating bon bons and reading trashy novels.  Maybe in my next life....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thinking of you Thursday

This evening I'm thinking about the county sheriff and his deputies and wondering what they must be thinking right about now.

You see, Thing Two had his scout meeting and the sheriff came to talk to the boys.
Thing Two loves being a scout and has his mom's tendency to "over share".

You can see where this is going, right?
Apparently, my little guy raised his hand and proudly announced that his dad had been arrested twice in Miami.

Good thing  his buddy, PK, is quite the little fact checker and quickly pointed out that Thing Two meant robbed not arrested.  

And for the record, it was only once...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Whatcha reading?

  And it must be good when the reluctant reader pleads "just one more chapter, please!"

Monday, March 09, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

As some of you know, I took off for an impromptu weekend away to visit family.  SO not my style to make such a quick decision and take a last minute adventure.....but you know, sometimes you just have to act on those impulsive ideas and seize the moment to make time for family.

The Things and Hubby survived without me...though Thing One said this afternoon "Mom, I missed you"  
"Son, I missed you too". 
 "No Mom, I missed you MORE...and I missed your cooking.  Dad, well, he needs a little work in that department."
  "Really, what did he fix?"  
"Fast Food...but when you get it is much better!"

So there you have it...while they can survive with me being gone, sounds like I've still got some amount of job security left.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thinking of you, Thursday

And ain't sweet things I"m thinking!
While we all can agree, you are a few fries short of a Happy Meal...I'm still stuck thinking about you and what you were/weren't thinking when you went off on this quest to become America's Freakiest Mom!

As a mom trying hard to raise two boys (one quirky with some special needs no less, though these days, he's more typical than quirky, thank heavens!), my days are long and full. 
And so is my when you say you wanted "just one more"...that should have been your first sign of crazy.  What was wrong with the 6 you already had?  What gap could possibly still exist that you felt the need for just "one" more?  

Yes, I do have other more important things to think about today:  taxes, travel, family health and well being.  But today, it just seems easier to rant about some clueless stranger than face my own worries.  

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Day Late...

But the Things and I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to our pal, Dr. Seuss! 
photo:  circa 2003, Thing 1: 6, Thing 2:  4

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Law of the pack in action

Yesterday was the Things' Blue and Gold Banquet.  For those not up on the world of scouting, this is the considered to be the  high holy day in the scouting season.  Rank is awarded, entertainment and food is enjoyed (yummy Maggianos no less!) as the group celebrates the birthday of the Boy Scout organization.  And as I watched one young man receive his wolf badge, I was moved to tears.  It didn't help that his momma (a friend of mine) was also softly sobbing.  You see, her son is quirky.  Or as the experts call it "on the spectrum".  
But yesterday, the only label that mattered was he is now a cub scout, with the rank of wolf!  

And as I look at the photos I took  yesterday, I'm reminded of the third line in the Law of the Pack:  The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.  There is no disputing the fact that S. has had some incredible growth this past year and I can't help but think some of that has come from his friends in the pack...standing by his side, encouraging him to try new things and at the same time, accepting him quirks and all in a community where all anyone is asked is to "do your best".