Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watching History through the eyes of a child...

As the Things and I watched the Inauguration ceremony earlier this morning, I admit I got a little teary eyed looking at the now first daughters walk in. Their ages are so similar to the Things that I couldn't help but wonder what these girls must be thinking of all this excitement. The dream of having your dad as president has to be pretty amazing, and now it is their reality.

So I mentioned to the Things "would you like for your dad to be president?" Of course, they replied yes. But then I pointed out the reality that their dad could never be president and I asked them why they thought that was..

Thing One hypothesized "Because he's bald?" nope...while I don't have the hair stats on past presidents I'm sure we've had a few bald (or balding) men hold that title.
Thing Two questioned "Well, he's old enough, but maybe because he doesn't want to? He probably couldn't still ride his motorcycle if he was president" Again, he could probably continue to ride much to the dismay of secret service, he's right about Hubby not being interested in the job.

I explained to them the one rule that keeps their father from becoming president.
It's the same reason that Arnold can't run for president.

So, as we enter this new era, I wish you luck Mr. President. Not only is the nation watching you, but so are your daughters. Make them proud...all our kids are counting on that!


Dodi said...

laughing so hard at: "Because he's bald?"

His girls were killing me yesterday. So was his nervous face... and the look on Michelle's face was something wonderful.

I pray he will be a successful leader and make his daughters proud!

ganelle said...

Whenever I teach the Consititution, I always make the foreign-born kids raise their hands and then I tell them they can't be president. Mean huh?