Monday, January 12, 2009

Running on empty...

Hey, this is our track off. Where are those lazy days of sipping coffee when I have not much that needs to be done and I take all day to do it? It sure ain't happening here!
Today, I'm protesting and insisting on making that second pot of coffee and watching the snow fall!
My dad has been in town visiting and we've had an action packed schedule

  • On Friday I took Dad and 5 boys to a water park like pool on the west side of town. We had the pool to ourselves, I kid you not. Private pool party for $5/kid, hard to beat that. Nobody wanted to leave, including myself.
  • I watched Meryl Streep provide me with doubt and laughter. As for the movie: it left me with doubt, and would probably have had even more doubt if I wasn't familiar with what history has told me happened during this era. If I could have suspended my knowledge of what I knew, and just listened to the movie, I would have had even more doubt. Moms Night In was a smashing success: as we laughed, danced, and just caught up with the wonderful women who live in my 'hood and I'm honored to call them friends!

  • And then there was yesterday. I saw the ads for a play coming to town, an "Oprah Winfrey presents" production and decided my dad and I should check it out. I thought to myself: how do you take a movie that addresses some very heavy topics and make it into a Broadway play? A feel good story when the movie was rather sad? How can that be entertaining and worth the cost of the ticket? Fear not, it can be done. I was swept away by The Color Purple. If it comes to a town near you, I highly encourage you to consider going to see it. It will leave you with hope, remind you of the power of love and the importance of forgiveness and in a quiet and gentle way, point out that God does watch over us even when we feel we've been forgotten! And well, if that isn't enough to get you there, the music, the top notch vocal performances and the scenes with the well toned shirtless field hands should seal the deal!

  • Today I've cancelled our plans to go see the animals at the National Western Stock Show. As fun as it would be, the snow is falling and it is a good day to stay home. Besides, we need to get our gear ready for tomorrow's BIG adventure: Yep, those native Colorado Things are hitting the slopes for the first time ever! (with cameras rolling of course). I fear my wallet is not prepared for this new chapter in our lives. But come on, we need to let them try...we live where some of the best ski resorts are within driving distance. It'd be like living near an ocean and never taking the kids to play in the sand and the surf. Crazy...not to try it at least once!

I hope everyone else is doing great. One last shout out of praise to my hubby. You know, he blogs too. And he submitted one of his entries to a national publication for owners of his brand of motorcycle. And, THEY PUBLISHED IT! YEAH HUBBY...can I get your autograph? Oh yeah, I do already...every month when you sign my payroll check! Anyways, great job...and if you are curious: check it out here


Lee said...

I don't know how you do it, Martha! Good for you getting together with the "girls", isn't that the best fun? And, I like the idea of shirtless field hands, hmm. Gotta find me some of those - hope they're coming to my town :) Enjoy the skiing, take care! And, there was no link to the blog :(

Martha said...

For the blog, I have now highlighted it in red...let me know if the link doesn't work.
if not, he's at

This first go-around, I"m just watching. Will ski once the boys have had a lesson or two...hopefully when we go to Steamboat later this month.

Sitting in Silence said...

$5 a head, that is so cheap...Looks like a wonderful park !
I so loved the colour purple...I blubbered from the start till the finish xoxoxo

ganelle said...

The water park looks great. Where exactly is it? I've got to take the boys there!

Laura said...

Glad to hear you're having a good week with Dad! I hope you guys have a great day on the slopes today.

Dodi said...

is that apex? So much fun! I always forget it's there.

Have fun shredding those slopes!

tz said...

I'm so gonna have to try and make it over there, it looks like fun!

congrats to your hubby on getting published, how nice!

Kaesmom said...

Congrats to hubby for getting published!

My dd has been asking a lot of questions about skiing since we moved back to NH. I'm thinking next winter may have to be HER debut... keep us posted on how the Things do!