Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Eve funny

So, we let the Thing stay up until midnight this year.
I fear we're moving into a new stage with these boys.  Used to be we'd say "sure, stay up!" knowing full well that they'd both fall asleep by 9pm.  This time:  they were wide awake and we were clock watching, waiting for midnight to roll around.

Anyways, I bought some of those "party poppers" (which by the way, Target carded me to buy 'em!  Sheesh, first no sudafed without a driver's license, now restricting the purchase of  paper poppers! I guess one  must keep paper streamers out of the hands of the under aged and under supervised.).

Thing Two was yelling "Gung Hey Fat Choy!" Which while it isn't until later this month, at least he was closer than his older brother in terms of expressing the right sentiment...

Thing One yelled with each popper "I tooted!".

Yeah, he has come so far...but still has a ways to go...

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Lee said...

I love your "Thing" stories. :)