Friday, January 02, 2009

I'm calling for a delayed start...

to the New Year. I've spent the past couple of days reading some pretty amazing posts by my blogging buddies. Great recaps of the year, wonderful insight on what they hope to accomplish in 2009, what word they want to live by, what challenges they want to take on. It's all been good stuff: so if I haven't actually commented, and you are reading this now, well...good job on the blogging, my friends! I'm impressed and inspired by your way with words!

And then there is me, I'm just stuck.
Well, not really stuck...I'm just a bit behind everyone else. Thus I think I deserve a delayed start.
So, there will be no recap of 2008. I'm too lazy to do it. Those of you that got my Christmas letter know I couldn't even muster my usual "here's what we did" Christmas letter. Instead, I goofed off with a crossword puzzle. ( Which for the record the motorcycles are named Brigitta and Maria...just think Sound of Music, we've got this thing for naming our vehicles after characters from that movie)

That seems to be the name of the game of late...I'd rather goof off than focus.

Which brings me around to my one little word for 2009. FOCUS.

See I haven't even paid enough attention to know who started the idea of having a word to live by. Ali Edwards I think. Anyways, I like the idea so I'm going to play along...

Why choose focus? Well, I find myself using it a lot with my boys. Granted, only Thing One takes something to help his focus, but they both get easily distracted and forget to stay on task and finish up the project at hand. I could blame it on them being kids, or boys, but I also must confess...they probably inherited this trait more from me than from their dad.

So this year, I too shall work on my focus...

  • Focus on the tasks that need to be done, not those that should be done. Being a Martha, it is sometimes hard to recognize the difference and I find myself getting lost in all that needs to be done. Which results in either spinning out of control or totally shutting down. I need to find the balance, especially as it relates to domestic details.

  • Focus on the big picture when the situation calls for me to do so...try not to lose myself in the worries of the little details. Keep that big picture in mind. This mostly applies to when I get worked up about something related to Thing One and his progress. He is making progress, he has made huge progress...I need to remember that when I'm worried about some little detail about his quirks.

  • Focus on the little things each day that help me move forward. Simple things like not skipping breakfast, taking a walk to clear my thoughts. These little things, when done right, will lead to success with bigger goals like maintaining my healthier weight and overall health.

I could go on and on...but back to the task at hand...wrapping up this post.

As for challenges, seems like the blog-world/scrapbook world is swimming with choices this time of year. Take a picture every day, take one every week, do 12 on the 12th, make a monthly calendar page. If you've been to any message board or online community, you know what I'm talking about. Even the blog world is a flurry with challenges being issued.

In order to tie into my FOCUS, I've picked a simple one: Scrapping my stash (thanks are the one!) If you want to learn more about this, email me and I'll tell you what my plans are and where you can read all about it (if you are so inclined). I plan to blog about this adventure but want to keep the focus of this blog on Chang Gang adventures.

and now that I've caught myself up...I'm off to focus on the chore of the day: Laundry! Anyone want to come over and help?

PS: The photo? I had a great time catching up with my very first group of Mommy friends with a reunion of our play group. My how the kids have changed! Yet we all remain the same: good people, with kind hearts, great sense of humor and a real concern for one another! Much love to my playgroup pals! You remain forever near and dear to my heart!

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tz said...

wow, allison has gone really blond! soooo, focusing, I so need to work on that myself! I have a serious case of ADD!...anyhow, I'm intrigued by the scrapbooking thing, so if you are inclined, email me what you're doing!