Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Foot in mouth: the Husband edition...

Last night, I reminded my hubby that my dad is arriving for a week long visit later today.
Hubby:  "Huh?  But I thought he wasn't getting here until the 10th"
Me:  "Dude, why else do you think I cleaned house today?"
Hubby:  "Well, yeah, I did notice and was wondering what was up...but I just thought you'd turned over a new leaf"

It's a good thing I love that man....and that there is some truth in what he said...I often need the "company's coming" motivation to really get the house looking presentable (it's never worthy of an Oprah style intervention, but I do have a higher threshold for dust and debris than I think one should have).

So, depending on how the visit is going, I might post a lot (avoidance blogging) or hardly at all (so busy having fun, no time to blog).  Only time will tell...but we've got all the right ingredients in place for a good visit:  gin and tonic is fully stocked (see Dodi, here at the House of Chang, it isn't just a summer time favorite!)


tz said...

i'm a company cleaner myself...sometimes hubby, who isn't too fond of company will ask me to invite people over just to get the house clean ;)--have fun w/ your dad!

Char said...

LOL, Martha, you and I are alike! I also have a high tolerance - much to hubbys chagrin - for debris and clutter. And I am a company cleaner too!

ganelle said...

When Diamond turned 30, I had his parents to come in town to surprise him. One of his first reactions was "Oooohh! So THAT'S why the house is so clean!"

You're not alone!

Dodi said...

I read an article on this a VERY long time ago... and I wish I could remember it in greater detail, but there are basically 4 types of "cleaners". The only two I remember are "Compulsive" and "Hospitality". It had something to do with the motivations it took some people to really clean their homes. I was definately a "Hospitality" cleaner, which means that it takes the motivation of company coming over to get your rear in gear and get it done.

I wonder where I saw that? I remember my roommate and I both thought it was such an interesting article.

agent713 said...

Yeah, I'm a "company" or "hospitality" cleaner too. In fact I had to psyche myself out when I was de-Christmasizing my house by saying "pretend that company's coming. Look at EVERYTHING. Don't just leave stuff out!" It worked too...mostly :)