Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And on the 38th day..

I sent their hineys back to school!

YEE HAW...the 5 week winter break/track off ended without bloodshed, or major depression on either mom or child's part
Seriously, it's always fun to have them home. I guess I"m weird because I like my kids and enjoy the time when we have less routine, fewer things on the schedule and a chance to just all be a bunch of homebodies.  But all good things must end, so today...off they went.

And from the looks on their faces, it looks like they were ready for a break from mom as well. They both woke up on their own, got dressed and the younger Thing even picked up his room before heading off for school.    

Hopefully this is a sign of continued good things to come...cheerful attitudes make everything better, n'est pas?  


Lee said...

Five weeks! That's a HUGE winter break. Always good to enjoy the kids but I think they crave the routine of going back to school and seeing all of their friends. Enjoy your bit of peace.

ganelle said...

Winter track-off is the worst! I'm good with kids over a long summer break, but 5 weeks with limited outdoor time? PAINFUL!