Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gratitude Challenge: Day 30

Hey, I didn't know it was supposed to snow today. How did I miss that forecast? But, hey, I"m grateful that I had boots, gloves and coats that fit...not just for my boys but for the friend that was over as well. And, I'm even more grateful for the hill right there in the back yard so I didn't have to take them sledding. This of course left me with time to uh...tend to domestic duties. Assuming domestic duties include watching Season 1 of Weeds. How come I never knew about this show? Funny stuff...but yeah, you better have the headphones on or else your Things will get a crash course in profanity 101 (and sex ed, and drug use ...along with an assortment of other mature themed content).
Well, this post brings an end to my Gratitude Challenge. The challenge wasn't so much in finding things to be grateful for...that's easy, as I have these 30 things and countless other things to be so very grateful for. Nope, the challenge for me was to blog daily. To take my gratitude and put it into words that entertain, amuse and still get the point across. There in lies the challenge of it for a gratitude challenge or other entry.
Thanks again to Sherry for hosting this fun challenge. It's been fun reading others entries and thinking, yeah, me too! I feel like I've made some new friends this month as well. Oh look, yet another thing to be grateful for! :)
yeah yeah...I'll stop...for now!

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Colleen O said...

How about - Phew! I'm grateful I didn't get tagged with that because I would have blown it!!

It was a gorgeous snowy day out there today - and I learned that C out grew the snowpants we bought her on sale last summer in prep for this winter. Shot right through that size! Snow boots too. Happy Back to school Monday.