Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gratitude Challenge: Day 29

Thing Two: he makes me laugh, he makes me proud, he makes me happy. Our family would not be complete without his presence. I'm so grateful that he joined our family when we needed him most. He's the perfect sibling for Thing One: he is a patient brother with just enough annoyance factor to keep everyone on their toes. And while I know he looks just like his papa, I'm telling you, he's so much like me it's scary...

Which of course means that right now, he's not the most pleasant child around. He had a friend over for most of the day. They played hard, creating their own fun in the fresh fallen snow. But now, he's over tired and perhaps a bit hungry.

Nothing that a good night's rest won't cure...tomorrow he'll be his happy, helpful self. And he's most eager to get those Christmas decorations up (see I told you, he's a mini-me!) Oh, my bonus gratitude: he's old enough finally to be a Holiday helper...instead of, well you know, until they get to a certain age/stage...their help is not always in the form that we can benefit from! (heavy sigh...grateful to be past that stage. Oh wow, it's a 3:1 gratitude post. I'm on a roll tonight! Better than the war path I was on yesterday. snicker snicker).

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Joan said...

Thing two must be mighty funny if he is like his mama.