Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratitude Challenge: Day 24

I'm ever so grateful that it is a short week this week. What's not to love? Only one night (and hopefully not even that) of supervising homework, making sure that we get everything done in a timely manner and that the Things make it to bed on time. Plus, only two mornings of dealing with the morning "rush hour" (nobody is in a rush to make it out the door, which of course is a frustration in and of itself).

Yep...I'm grateful for this short week of work and school...and I"ll be even more grateful if my level of productivity continues and that more than just the basement gets cleaned before I have my guys home for the rest of the week.

I know...sort of the why bother cleaning if they are going to be around all week messing things up. But, I'm a Martha in that I do function better when things are closer to order than chaos (but really, happiest when things are just right in the middle).

Better get going...look whose stalling this morning during rush hour? Oh those Things have learned from the master that is indeed true! (where is a blushing smiley when you need one?)

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