Friday, November 14, 2008

Gratitude Challenge: Day 14

Today, I'm grateful for finally reaching the bottom of the laundry basket. Yeah, it has taken me all week to get caught up. And yep, sadly, it doesn't stay empty for long. But today, it's a good feeling to have a laundry free day.

Now what to do with all that extra time? Sit on the couch and eat a bon bon perhaps? Nope, more than likely I should think about unpacking my scrapcrap. Hopefully I won't find any laundry stuffed in amongst my crafty stuff!


Lee said...

Congratulations on getting to the bottom of the pile! Just when I think I'm done, I'm not.

Colleen O said...

All flipping month your being grateful? WOW. Today, I'm grateful for having a friend who can appreciate the rare beauty of an empty laundry basket.