Saturday, October 04, 2008

They know...

Yesterday, we took a little trip. An adventure with another family. (photos to follow, still on the camera). On the way home, the car was so quiet for having 5 hyped up boys in the back.
For a moment I thought they had fallen asleep. No such luck.

Instead, the other mom asked "are you guys chatting or playing?" (picto-chat on nintendo Ds)
One of the boys replied "We're doing both...that's what being a kid is all about: chatting and playing!"

Well by golly...if they know it, I wonder if they'll ever appreciate how easy they've got it?
Yeah, I don't think so either...maybe when they are all grown up and nostalgic....

1 comment:

Colleen O said...

I thought it was all about chatting and eating? or at least drinking coffee. You've brought those boys up well!