Thursday, October 02, 2008

Got Quirky?

Yep folks, another round of Tag is being played and just when I was bragging about not being tagged, I learned it was because I'd already been tagged here. Thanks ladies...I'll try my best at this one.

Here's the challenge:
List 6 of your quirks
Here are the rules: Link the person who tagged you, identify your quirks and then tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.

1. I simply must park in the same spot at the school every afternoon when I pick up the Things. And while they may be old enough to find me even if I'm parked elsewhere (who am I kidding? They could probably walk home by themselves, I'm just not ready to let go) but it really messes with my chi to not get my spot.

2. In order to get that spot, I leave 20 minutes early for a drive that take me at the most 4 minutes. Being late? Really bugs me. You can be late and it won't phase me. But me? ACK, we're late...hurry up which they've learned to respond with "No mom, we're just Martha late!".

3. Time for bed? I simply must sleep on the same side of the bed and on my right side. When Hubby is working nights or out of town, and in theory I could have the bed to myself, I still curl up on that edge of the bed...

4. Um...Uh...this is hard...can I cheat and borrow some quirks from my officially diagnosed quirky kid? Like did you know for the longest time he'd eat chicken only if it came in the little box from McDonald's? And while we couldn't afford to be going to McD's over and over, I would save the box and fill it with regular chicken. Yep, I"m the enabler to the quirky... that counts right?

5. Still it because I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning? I'll often read the ending of a novel and if I like it, I'll read the beginning.

6. Six? Did they really say six? Why not three? Do I get bonus points for trying? Camera: can't leave home without it. Yesterday we toured the US Mint. Can you guess what was harder for me: leaving my purse locked in the car or not being able to have my camera with me on a family adventure? Ding Ding Ding: we have a winner! I felt naked the entire camera case slung over my shoulder.

Ok, who to TAG:
I'd tag Tracey: but she's too busy trying to get through nursing school..
I'd tag Dodi: but like me, she's raising quirky, which leaves little time for herself to be quirky. Plus, she needs to be updating her blog with Project Runway stuff
I'd tag Ganelle: but she's more into playing pranks than playing tag.
I'd tag Aimee: but...well, I can't tease her because yes, she has updated her blog recently but usually she's about due for a nag instead of a tag.
I'd tag Danielle: but I'm thinking she might still be in that American sugar coma we induced with the goodie box of treats we sent her..
I'd tag JuniorTX....hmmm...just maybe she'll play along...although last I read she was busy helping build a library in her small town (she doesn't have time to be quirky with plans that big on the horizon!)

(and the other five of you as well...even though I've provided you with excuses...give it a try, please?).


tz said...

hahahha, i'll attempt the quirky thing after my pharm test... but just because it's you

Sitting in Silence said...

Correct...She was..but now's she's back and you know how much I love tagging....I'm off to post ! Ha Ha xox