Friday, September 05, 2008

Maybe they do listen?

Last night there was an "issue" at the scout meeting that left the Things and I feeling rather frustrated. Tears were shed, and words were spoken. When out of the blue Thing One announces loud and proud "I know what I'll do...I'll write a persuasive letter!"

Who knew he was aware of this genre of writing?
And wow, I'm impressed that he took his woe is me feelings and is putting them to some sort of appropriate use. Maybe they do listen to their teacher (thanks. Mr. D) and their parents who have harped on the importance of speaking up and taking action when something isn't right.

*and for the curious out there, the matter has already been resolved. With one quick google search I was able to determine that the practice of hosting a raffle at a scout meeting is not only developmentally inappropriate for kids this age (which was my argument) but against the scout rules/regulations.


ganelle said...

Well done Thing one!

And good for you, standing up to the crazys in Scouting.

Lee said...

Good for you, Martha! We've had some odd fundraising suggestions, sometimes you have to shake your head; other times you have to take action. Brava!

Dodi said...

Thing One warms my heart! Hope for the future with that one!

(Now I just need to introduce him to some left wing ideas... LOL!)

Martha said...

Well, Dodi...while the jury used to be out as to which team he'd play for when he grows up, our current worry is whether he'll break his Daddy's heart and vote for the OTHER party.......(so yep, you stand a pretty good chance of getting him to cross over to the Dark Side. :) )

Dodi said...

Well, I'll welcome him to the dark side... and I'll bet there are support groups that will help you come to terms with it if it ever happens.

I am having like problems here. DD1 is already saying things like "I want John McCain to be president, don't you, Mom?" Although, she already comes from a divided home - so I suppose at least one of us will be happy to hear such things out of her mouth.

I'm all for young Americans standing up for what they believe in, and writing persuasive letters is a damn good start!

Dodi said...

OK... LOVE the new background!!!!!

tz said...

Sadly, my elder has informed me he's a Republican...his daddy is ever so proud.