Monday, September 22, 2008

The last quiet Monday

This is my last quiet Monday for the next couple of weeks. For the non-locals, the boys "track off" on Thursday which means they'll be home with me for the three weeks that follow.

The alarm goes off, we hit the snooze button. As I lay in bed, savoring the silence, it dawns on me that I'd promised to bring in a butter braid for teacher appreciation breakfast (side bar: who plans these things for Monday morning? Nah, just fussing, I do not want the job...even if I could do it better. I'm smart enough to just smile and cooperate lest I end up getting nominated to take over). It takes 25 minutes to cook, and is due at school in 20 minutes. Oh well: who cares if it was slightly undercooked? Got it baked and delivered all within the recommended time.

Next, one Thing decided he wanted to go to intramurals and the other decided he was still hungry and wanted to finish eating breakfast. Since it was the skinny Thing with usually no appetite that was willing to eat, I decided I'd break my rule of "you've got to agree, I'm not making two trips to drop you off" and hopped in the car to take Thing Two to intramurals.

Finally, Thing One is still eating, when we realize we have to leave NOW or he'll be late. Off he went...mouth full of food, and morning breath. Just glad I won't have to sit next to him in class! And hey, hopefully with a full tummy and a good night's sleep he'll do ok on his math test. A new bakugan is on the line if he scores a 90 or above. (yes, I'll out myself: I've resorted to paying my kid for a decent grade. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You might as well go ahead and call for Super Nanny to visit me: I told this same kid earlier in the weekend "sucks to be you" when he complained about some missing video game. Yeah...I'm up for mother of the year no doubt after this week's performance!)

hey, what happened to my quiet Monday? It wasn't even 0800 and I'd made three trips up to the blasted school? Oh can only get better from here...I hope...

(just don't read Hubby's blog...I'm sure he'll post his woes later today but suffice to say Motorcycle Mistress #2 wasn't wanting to perform her duties this morning! No ignition...or something mechanical that involves ignition).

So much for that peaceful start to a Monday...

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Lee said...

I'd hate to imagine a busy Monday at your house, I'm exhausted reading your entry. I'll fight you for the mother of the year award, eh? Mine hear 'suck it up' or 'shake it off' on a regular basis :)