Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ISO: a new excuse

For being unmotivated.
I had an easy explanation for the past 2 weeks of limited domestic accomplishments: BEIJING.

But now? Anyone got some plausible explanation for why the dishwasher didn't get unloaded and laundry didn't get folded? And well...let's not even talk about how the vacuum cleaner canister rolled down the stairs and left a trail of its' contents in the path yesterday is STILL sitting there today. A day later my only comment has been "Boys, be careful on the steps, Mom made a mess".

Feeling so very UN-Martha this week....


Lee said...

Yuk, I hate days, weeks like that! I usually snap out of it by making a list - short and long term goals. It kinda lets me know how long I can sit on my duff ;)

Sitting in Silence said...

Well we now have Australian Idol on TV...do you have American Idol on....?

ganelle said...

Any chance the DNC is captivating you? Yeah, I didn't think so.

We all have weeks like that. I usually rebound with a "I CANT STAND THIS ANYMORE!" Then my house ends up clearer than ever. It's a net positive, yes???

Laura said...

I was going to say the same thing about the DNC. I thought for sure you'd gone down to the Pepsi Center and were trying to snag an autograph or two!

O.k. so I never was the humorist in the family (you own that title free and clear). But, how about if you find your favorite I-tune, crank up the volume, and do a little jig. A good tune always works wonders for bringing me out of my many funks.

tz said...

hmmm, just a week like that? welcome to my LIFE...hahaha

given that you are normally very Martha-like, I'm sure you'll have your place whipped into shape w/in hours and no one'll be the wiser...well except those of us who read you blog...but I won't tell.