Friday, August 08, 2008

From the "other kids are funny" file

The Things have a buddy. He's a nice kid, bright boy, very observant. Perhaps a bit too observant. His mom asked him how his new teacher was and he said "Well Mom, how do I put this into something you'd understand? She's not the best wonton on the platter if you know what I mean!" The kid is only 10! And since I know the teacher in question, I have to say he's pretty accurate in his assessment.

Then there is the cutie that belongs to TZ. I saw him at school yesterday and asked him how his day was going. "Better, Miss Martha". "What do you mean better? what happened?" "Well, at lunch TWO girls tried to kiss me. But, it's ok now because see...they aren't outside. I'm all good now!". This one? Not even 6 yet. And in defense of these girls, he is is rather adorable and kissable (but I'll stick to giving him Zac attacks).


Midnite Scrapper said...

Absolutely adorable! Love the wonton comparison. LOL Too cute!

tz said...

I have to admit he is pretty darn kissable...I kiss him all the time! And another thing that mrs. kravitz can blog about when she starts her blog...her darling little one C...was one of those two girls...and Isaac outed her to her mom after school the other day...color C pink (she's quite adorable herself and I'm surprised Isaac wasn't thrilled)