Friday, July 18, 2008

While I want to update the blog

with a funny Thing One story, he said NO.

You see, I was retelling the story to Hubby last night and instead of getting the usual "Blog It Blog It" chant from my boy (he likes to point out what is blog-worthy), this time he blushed and said "NO, don't you dare".
So, out of respect for his wishes, I'll refrain from telling y'all that...puberty waits for no boy.
Suffice to say, while the boy remains fascinated with transformers, he's also starting to notice that there are girls in this world, and some of them are "Hot!...and I don't mean temperature, I"m talking about pretty, Mom!!".


Lee said...

Ah, same in this house. We have many stories ahead, Mom!!

"Vern" said...

Well then, it's a good thing you didn't blog about it.

Dodi said...

Hey... remember when you were afraid he wouldn't EVER notice that it was girls that were the pretty ones??? How quickly things change!

Colleen O said...

hmm - Caitlin said something about looking "hot" in her new swim team suit. (Lucky me, it was because it has flames on it.)

ganelle said...

Transformers and Hannah? It's the best of both worlds!