Saturday, July 12, 2008

Music to my ears

Overheard this morning:
Thing One: "Ugh, Spongebob? Where's the remote? I hate this show!"

*of course, he soon discovered there was nothing else on worth watching so it is still playing, but I can only hope that we are just about through this phase of childhood...


Colleen O said...

I've had to inact a ban on Sponge Bob for the rest of the break. I can't take it anymore. It would be a fine if one of them said that.

Welcome home, and hey! Quit eyeballin' my mojo!! Go find your own, I still need mine.

Colleen O said...

It would be a fine DAY if one of them said that - sheesh

Stacie/my3weasels said...

Hmmm....did he overhear me make that comment at MOA? lol