Friday, July 11, 2008

Guest Blogger: Trip report from Thing One's perspective

Copied from a letter he wrote to his Uncle Mike in PA.
Figured since Thing Two has guest blogged a couple times, I'd let Thing One tell you all about his trip. I deleted the parts related to thanking him for a birthday gift.

Uhmmm, my vacation in Wisconsin and Minnesota was awesome, because we went
to the Kalihari water park hotel. We saw Stevie, my grandpa and all our
cousins. I got this transformer toy from the Universal series from a long
time ago. I made a moose at "Build a Bear", this is the only place where
you can build a moose. I named him flapjack and he's a kung fu
moose! We rode rides at the Nick Universal Park and at the Mall of
America. One of the scariest rides ever was the Rock Bottom Plunge.
We helped grandpa celebrate his 75th birthday. I watched fireworks during
the fourth of july and they were amazing! I stayed up till 11 oclock one
night. I didn't try any new foods but I did eat one
cheeseburger. Greg, my cousin is much taller now than before we last saw
him. His dad came along and we had a great time with them and I hope we
can do it again sometime. I got a transformer named LongArm, Warpath,
Bumblebee and Grimlock. We had a lot on the water rides, I went into the
wave pool and I went surfing once but Miles did it like three times. I sat
next to a plane driver on the plane and I asked Mom why he wasn't in the pilot
seat instead. Mom said maybe because he's flying to another place. I
was on a plane with a ram named stan painted on the tail of the plane. I
was really tired at the airport because I did not get much sleep the night
before. We went to the Mall of America twice, once for the rides and once
for shopping. Miles got a panda and he named it Gunner, he looks like a
rock start. I saw this motorcycle build a bear and I said to miles: "you
should get it for dad". Miles said he knew that dad doesn't like harleys
so he didn't get it. I went on some kiddie rides with Sterling and Sadie,
they were seven and five years old. Spencer, Miles and Keenan spent more
time on the scarier rides.

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agent713 said...

LOL A "plane driver" I love it.

Great recap!!!