Monday, July 07, 2008

The fun just never seems to end...

7.1.08: Thing One tries his hand at farming.

7.2.08: The cousins prove that their oldest cousin would make an excellent "manny".

7.3.08: "Audrey's girls" take their daddy (and 25 of his friends) to lunch. Happy 75th dad!

7.4.08: An All American Celebration in Cudahy. Launching water balloons at a few of the unsuspecting guests.
7.5.08: Officially, I have a pre-teen thing on my hands. Look closely, there are 11 candles on that cake!

7.5.08: 25 years later, all of us seem to be sporting a more rounded figure than we did way back when.

7.6.08: Surf's Up Dude, here at the Kalahari Resort in WI Dells.

We're still on the road with no certainty as to when I'll have access to high speed internet. While it is possible to "go home", there is no guarantee that they'll have internet access when you get there.

Stay cool, stay happy...and next time? Don't forget to pack the bug spray!


Lee said...

Fantastic! I can't show my kids your blog ... unless you want to adopt four more ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like your having a great time. We miss you back here and look forward to catching up.

tz said...

that looks like fun...and 11 OMG..I'm reeling over the recent turnage of 9 in that this is the last year of single digit numbers...but pre-teenage action...oh boy!

and happy bday to your dad too! he looks very happy to have his daughters with him!

can't wait to see you back here w/ pictures etc...

ganelle said...

Have a great trip! Looks like tons of fun!

Charlie6 said...

thing 2 got promoted to 1 in first picture?

Hokie Gal said...

Wow - looks like you're having a grea ttime!