Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Things

Happiness sometimes comes from the little things in life. And while none of these events warrant a shout it from the roof tops, they have still put a smile on my face. Today, I"m smiling for several's just a couple happy things from this week
  • After 7 years of OT on his IEP, Thing One graduated from services
  • The cold I thought I was catching from Thing Two seems to be either a mild variation or allergies. Either way makes me happy because I'm tired of the germs and grateful to finally be feeling like the worst has passed us by
  • That adorable nephew of mine, Baby E is going to be a big brother come August. Yeah, a new little baby to love on!
  • The days seems longer, the cold stretches seem shorter and I really feel Spring is on its' way!

So, what has put that smile on YOUR face? blog ladies...keep it G-rated!

1 comment:

tz said...

Clinicals for med surg being over...WOO HOO!