Sunday, February 17, 2008

In the middle of the night..

Billy Joel might go walking in that river of dreams...but for us, well Thing Two awoke in the middle of the night with a fever, the stuffy nose and a very hungry tummy (he was too tired last night to eat his favorite dinner: steak!). Being the sweet child that he is, he said "I'm sorry mommy but I"m just so very hungry". I got up, fed him, drugged him (Advil and cold medicine) and sent him back to bed. He's still feverish this morning. Poor fella! He looks just pitiful.

And then there is Thing One. He too appears to have a cold which suits him just fine. He gets to watch more t.v. this way. I asked him "Do you have a fever, son?" for which in classic Thing One fashion he answers with a "Yes, but don't worry, I can hold it in!". Yeah...I bet you'd like to hold onto that fever through CSAP season! Busted, he found himself taking some medicine this morning as well!

So I find myself not feeling all that inspired to do much of anything except snuggle with my fellas. They are getting too grown up to want to huddle and cuddle on the couch anytime except when they are down and out with a fever. So, this momma has to catch her snuggles when she can.

For now you'd best avoid our house as we seem to have fallen prey to the countless germs out there in that big old world of ours...Stay healthy or at least keep your cabinets stocked for those middle of the night wake up calls!


Colleen O said...

ewh - mine hate medicine and so TRY to hold it in as well... which usually results in explosions of the full-production-mode snot factory, and prolonged sickness. But don't try to tell them differently!

tz said...

oh my gosh, how cute is that, holding in his fever...

i'm hoping our bout of sickness a couple weeks ago will be it for awhile for us!

hang in there, and i'll be around for a couple days if you need me to run to the store for you for extra goodies.